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refreshment stations

There will be five refreshment stations on the route where you will have the opportunity to grab a refreshing drink or take some light food.

  • Station 1: Fabrik, Bad Saag, km 4 (only for halfmarathon)
  • Station 2: Labestation Seepromenade Pörtschach , km 9 (halfmarathon+ quarter marathon pre freshment station)
  • Station: Pritschitz, Gemeinde Pörtschach, km 13,5 (just water)
  • Station 3: Jägerwirt, Krumpendorf, km 15 respectively km 5
  • Station 4: Kropfitschbad, Krumpendorf, km 19 respectively km 8
  • Finish Refreshment station: Running City, Klagenfurt, km 21, respectively 10 (for all competitions)


Order of the refreshments

  • Still and carbonated water
  • Peeroton sport drinks
  • Bananas
  • Red Bull Cola (only on Station 4 Kropitschbad)

There is no possibility for self-catering during the race. 

Refreshments in the finish area

Gasteiner mineral water, Red Bull Cola, Dr. med. Böhm Magnesium Sport and bananas and apples.

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