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Participant Benefits

To make your Kärnten Läuft experiance truly amazing we offer a few benefits for the participants. You get a bag full of goodies. On the track there are adventurous miles and pace maker, so that you can reach your goal. We offer showers and massages afterwards. Furthermore you get the uniqe Kärnten Läuft Medal.


This year we offer a free T-Shirt for all participants. Powered by Kleine Zeitung and CRAFT Sportswear. Register now and get  your Shirt.


Each participant receives a starter bag when picking up the bib, which is not only used for the transport of clothing. The starter bag is also full of goodies that you will enjoy. You will also find in the starter bag a book with vouchers, which brings many benefits. You can be curious!


The LC Villach Garmin sponsored by sport active Pacemaker help you to reach your desired finish time on the half marathon and quarter marathon. Already in the starting area the „pacemakers“ can be located because of the clearly visible flags. The Carinthia Runs Pacemaker are in the half marathon and quarter marathon in use.

Kleine Zeitung Halfmarathon

  • 1:30
  • 1:40
  • 1:50
  • 2:00
  • 2:10
  • 2: 20

AK Quartermarathon

  • 1:00



The Kleine Zeitung Half Marathon means 21 km full of fun and running pleasure. To make running a little easier, countless miles of experience ensure your running highlight of the summer. Whether with the right music or a small wet cooling, so a great atmosphere is provided on the entire route.



At five refreshment stations you have the opportunity to drink and to get light food.

  • Startrefreshmentstaion: Castle Velden (Halfmarathon)
  • Refreshmentstation 1: Fabrik, Bad Saag, Techelsberg, km 4 (only Halfmarathon)
  • Refreshmentstation 2: Seepromenade Pörtschach , km 9 (Halfmarathon + Quartermarathon)
  • Wasserstation: Pritschitz, Pörtschach, km 13,5 (only water!!)
  • Refreshmentstation 3: Jägerwirt, Krumpendorf, km 15 / km 5
  • Refreshmentstation 4: Kropfitschbad, Krumpendorf, km 19 / km 8
  • Ziellabestation: Running City, Klagenfurt, km 21, bzw. 10 (for all competitions)


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